GIFNET’s mission is to address critical issues, provide credible information and innovative solutions for our planet’s pressing biospheric needs through inexpensive, clean energy systems known as New Energy Technologies (NET).

Focusing on a subject that is frequently politicized, GIFNET serves as a safe and independent place for objective frontier research & development, analysis and testing to create practical policies for action with integrity to address the most critical global environmental issue of our time.

To this end, GIFNET unites multidisciplinary participants, scientists, environmentalists, business leaders, decision makers and others to develop new, innovative solutions to environmental degradation through inexpensive, clean energy sources that sustain worldwide communities, economic growth and sustainable development.

The main principles and scope of GIFNET are:

  1. To promote and organize research and development of New Energy Technologies as well as testing existing technologies for further development. The criteria as to whether a model or concept is “right” or “wrong, will be if it is useful and does predict some new and useful results. Models, devices, concepts etc. are allocated resources commensurate with the indication of substantially higher energy efficiency than today’s current levels.
  2. Emphasis is given to technologies that will provide the consumer with power on demand locally at the place of consumption as opposed to the principle of centralized units generating and selling the energy to the consumer. Once the consumer, be it household or factory, has acquired a device, the energy will be FREE, thus comfortably ensuring the buying power of the world markets both for the devices and for the oil based durable products at their substantially and appropriately increased values, as well as enabling a progressive dismantling of the existing and disastrous energy structure of the World.
  3. Releasing all developed technologies to the world public and to industry. This will ensure the rapid widespread distribution of NET worldwide and at the same time provide protection from control and monopolies. The Internet provides the perfect tool to achieve this objective at virtually no cost. Any member in the world, be it Government agency, organization, individual, entrepreneur or business entity will have access to the complete blueprint collection of the Institute, free of charge. However, if and when production of any device is initiated, GIFNET appeals to the beneficiaries to reciprocate to the extent of their means in order to ensure continuity. The philosophy is “Technology Open Sourcing”. Of course, any independent patents included and used in devices are respected and negotiated directly with the patent owner/s.
  4. Scientific community education activities to create a core of mainstream and respected scientific and institutional support for this new science.
  5. Appointing selected independent laboratories and researchers for conducting replication of the various technologies so as to provide credibility and quality approval for the products.
  6. Inter-Governmental education activities to create firm support among political leaders, friendly government agencies, regulatory entities and others that can in turn create real political currency in favor of these new energy systems.
  7. Mass media and public support creation by professional disclosure of the technology as soon as it is developed.
  8. Careful liaison to existing NGOs, movement groups and institutions that would naturally support the release and widespread adoption of such new energy systems; these include environmental organizations and agencies, anti-poverty groups and agencies, conservation and energy groups, international development groups and agencies, etc.
  9. Out-reach to oil producing nations and corporations to negotiate performance-based inclusion of their interests in the dissemination of these new technologies, thus ‘hedging’ the negative long-term economic impact of these technologies on their core economic foundation. The concept here is to make potential adversaries interested allies – but with specific performance criteria that would preclude the obstruction or ‘shelving’ of the technology.

This brief overview illustrates the depth and breadth of the minimum strategy needed to move these technologies forward and overcome the significant hurdles that exist in the status quo. Such an undertaking requires careful orchestration of all strategic components with adequate funds to accomplish the task. The level of available funds cannot dictate the strategy. On the contrary, funding must be dictated by these strategic requirements, without which success is impossible. We define success as the widespread adoption of these new, non-polluting energy and propulsion systems so that the use of oil, gas, coal, nuclear power and other earth damaging sources of energy are effectively replaced within a period of maximum ten years from now.

It should be noted that such an undertaking will impact a yearly 8 trillion US$ in world economic activity, replace the current geo-political order with one based on decentralized energy abundance, and enable humanity to attain a long-term, environmentally sustainable civilization in peace. It is safe to say that the advent of such new energy systems will be the greatest technological, industrial, geopolitical and Cultural Revolution in known human history. No aspect of life on Earth will be unaffected by it which is precisely why such technologies still are unavailable to mankind. The cartels and interests that prefer to see the status quo continue (even at the cost of environmental erosion, oil-wars, destabilizing world poverty and the like) are very substantial. The idea that an inventor or company can simply roll out such technological breakthroughs as a traditional development and succeed, is indeed preposterous. They will be stopped at one step or another unless adequate funding, infra-structure, power and inter-locking strategic capabilities exist to ensure success. In short, the special circumstances and barriers facing these new energy systems dwarf the normal business and technological challenges to the successful release of a new technology. GIFNET has taken up the challenge and is spearheading this gigantic venture. Due to the independent nature of GIFNET, it is possible to work without the constraints of conventional research structures funded by corporate or public resources. GIFNET’s mission is to introduce Clean and abundant Energy to the world and WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET……