7 New Energy Technologies You Should Keep Your Eyes on in 2019

With the technological advancements in the world today, the technological and economic success of energy of any kind is based on the local situation available at the locality of its usage. The factors which influence the success of modern energy technologies for instance range from elementary conditions such as the natural resource supply as compared to the demand of energy to the political framework, local value creation as well as the social acceptance of the technology of power in question.

However, despite all these factors, there are lots of energy technologies which have been developed and can be counted as necessary in the world today. The newest technologies in the energy industry include the following:

  • The Conservation Of Energy in HAVC

HAVC means the act of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Through this process, it is possible to achieve substantial energy saving today. It is a technology that allows you to upgrade the plants with energy efficient techniques as you boost the safety of the building in question. In this technology, the very first step to save energy is by limiting the cooling load.

Here, the utilization of electric air conditioning systems tends to be dependent on the cooling capacity, which is the amount of heat that should be removed by the system while cooling. Today, HVAC is widely used, including in the third world continents such as Africa to preserve energy and to limit the utilization of such energy sources which might be scarce.

  • Improved Fuel-Efficient Cars

These are the latest cars which tend to limit the use of organic fuels to reduce pollution to the environment. It has been realized that how one drives and takes care of the vehicle determines the economic consumption of the fuel.

Therefore, this technology gives you room to acquire a car which is fuel efficient and limits the usage of diesel and other fuels. The improved cars tend to utilize the electro-hybrid systems and diesel for locomotion and ignition.

  • Simple and Sustainable Biomass

Today, there is a technology that ensures a durable as well as simple utilization of biomass fuels. This technology allows for the comprehensive management of all the natural resources such as water and land, which are used in the making of this energy source.

However, this activity has been seen as one of the most significant challenges in the development of both biofuels and biomass. Regardless of this shortcoming, the technology that ensures sustainable use of biomass has had significant impacts in the energy industry today. It has improved both small and large scale biomass-based power plants.

  • Energy Storage Technologies

There is a projection of the technology which will be used in the storage of renewable energy, especially the solar and wind power. This technology has a capacity of between 1 to 2 weeks of storage period and can be used to help preserve the power from the two sources for future use. This technology makes it possible to store energy, which is produced by the wind to be used at a later date.

  • The Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomass

Lignocellulose is a term used to describe the cellulose cell materials in plants. It also entails such plants components such as hemicelluloses and even the lignin. These products have lots of energy contained in them, and through the refinery, the energy can be extracted and stored or used for different purposes. The power which is provided by these products can be converted into biofuels. As such there is a conversion tool that has been introduced today to help the potential real-time conversion of the same.

  • Large Scale Solar Producing and Storage Technology

As it is always known, solar is the most significant source of electrical energy which has been used for the longest time. Therefore, it is essential to improve the use and storage of this type of energy. The technology here tends to target the economy of scale and transport majorly. The large scale production of solar energy is projected to help in the improvement of the economy of scale and even to run an automotive.

  • Salt Tolerant Biomass Generators

Since most of the biomass fuels which are produced are not salt tolerant, there is a technology which has been invented to aid in the production of biomass which is tolerant to salt in regions which are salt dominated. This technology is majorly used along the shores, in the desert areas as well as by the sea waters.


Scientists and researchers are not sleeping when it comes to the invention and innovation in the energy sector. They come up with newer technologies and even improvements on the old ones daily. Recently, the energy mentioned earlier technologies have been improvised and certified to help in the production, storage, and conversion of any with various forms.